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YOUTH CITY NETWORK (YCN) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We were founded in January of 2009 after many Kansas City, KS teens expressed they wanted a place to share their talents.  They felt doing so would assist with the both youth crime, teen pregnancy, and drop out rates.

OUR MISSION is to utilize the arts to cultivate and develop self-empowerment, community service, higher education, and self expression within adolescents aged 11-18.

THE YOUTH WE SERVICE come from broken homes, qualify for the free lunch programs, in low income housing, and some live in shelters. Even though these kids have trials and issues beyond our control, they still make there way to our events and to our after school programs. We’ve seen a major growth in all of the youth we serve. Some have made better steps into becoming a leader, helping out more at home, and showing better attitude; which produce better grades.

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Kind Words

Michelle M.   

My daughter has gained more confidence since joining YCN!!

Quoleshna Elbert   

Headed by one of the most dynamic and passionate woman I've ever met (!), YCN possesses a genuine heart for our young people...through understanding and activity, this emerging organization has already positively impacted our future by touchiing youth today.

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Contact Phone Number: (913) 991 7606